Own Brands

Here you’ll find links to the brands I have an interest in.


A new style premium British craft lager, all natural and easy drinking.

See what Saint’s up to here.

And follow Saint on Twitter here.

Not forgetting the official site too.

Beach Tomato

An online magazine rounding-up the best of beach culture – number 2 in The Independent’s 50 best travel websites – see it here.

ʻBeach Tomato: Dedicated to the most stylish facets of beach culture, adding new dimensions to your summery imaginings.ʼ Vogue 2011.

Really Rich

Published by Virgin, You Are Really Rich is a book that encourages people to reassess their concept of wealth.

Really Rich on Amazon

Using an online study  it reveals the monetary value of those everyday pleasures, freely available to all, that we sometimes take for granted. For example, the most highly rated experience was having good health, which people rated as being worth the equivalent of £180,589.

The research highlighted gender differences (having sex was valued at £137,909 by men and at £73,520 by women); generational differences (having a religious faith was valued at £19,123 for those aged between 18 and 34 and valued at £47,473 for those aged 35 and over); and geographical differences (watching your favourite team was valued at by £43,353 Northerners and at £17,973 by Southerners).  And much more besides.